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Marina Vicario Solórzano

Instituto Politécnico Nacional 

Seminar: December 6, 2021

Presentación de libro, 2024

Marina Vicario Solórzano is a Doctor of Pedagogy with honorable mention from the UNAM and a degree in Computer Science from the UPIICSA of the IPN-.


He is a full member of the Mexican Academy of Informatics (AMIAC) and a member of the Mexican Academy of Engineering (AIM) in the Communications and Electronics Specialty Commission (CEICE). She is the founder of the LaTE Mexico Network where she serves as Technical Manager for CONACYT and coordinates the CUDI Community of the same, in the same way she is the founder of the Maker Education Network (REM).


She is currently a visiting researcher at the company Nética for the development of techno-educational products, leader of the initiative of the national cluster of educational technology MXEDUTECH, of the Educational Technology Group of the ANUIES TIC Committee and of the CUDI Applications Committee. Since 2018, she has been promoting the Mexicanas del Futuro program with Caravans and Science Fairs that promotes STEM vocations in girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

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